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Experts in advising on the purchase, sale and renovation of properties with long and short term profitability.

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Singular Properties offers investments in real estate assets (properties and land) with long and short term profitability, offering advice in the process of buying, selling and refurbishing properties. We have a wide portfolio of buildings, premises, hotels, homes and land with high profitability in the city of Barcelona and its surroundings.

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The human factor is our uniqueness

Because we live in a global world, at Singular Properties, we have a team of international professionals. Our multilingual real estate agents will be at your disposal to offer you the highest quality service throughout the whole process of searching and processing the purchase, sale or rental of your property. Singular Properties is an innovative company, with a very personal way of working. Our success is the result of the union of professionals and experts in the sector who respond to a burning need: To offer professional and personalised advice to each client. We understand our work as a “Singular” way of treating our clients.


We are a leading real estate agency specialising in the purchase and sale of flats, flats and houses in Barcelona and the Catalan coast. Our main commitment is to provide a pleasant and relaxed treatment, both to owners who wish to sell their properties and to those individuals who are looking to buy homes in Barcelona. In addition, we take care of the follow-up of all the operations of exchange, management and consultancy of houses, flats and flats.


At Singular Properties, professionalism is reflected in our dedication to advertising your property nationally and internationally for an effective sale. We have an extensive portfolio of active clients looking for properties, ensuring agile, confidential and high quality transactions. We tailor our services to the individual needs of each client, prioritising satisfaction.


Our offices in Barcelona, located at Carrer Bori i Fontestà nº 15 and Rambla Catalunya nº 6, offer a relaxed and welcoming environment. We value privacy and confidentiality, which are fundamental in our sector. At Singular Properties, we ensure that we create an environment conducive to providing advice on buying and selling or renting properties, respecting the importance of discretion in every transaction.

Después de ocuparse de la venta de nuestro piso en Barcelona, Jordi Arriezu se dedicó a la búsqueda de la casa de nuestros sueños en Sant Cugat del Vallés. Nuestro encargo no era tarea fácil, pero Singular Properties supo encontrar la vivienda que cumplía con creces con nuestras expectativas

Oscar Perez

Hemos comprado nuestro piso en Barcelona con ellos. Ha sido una muy buena experiencia, el trato recibido ha sido excelente y lo recomendamos al 100%.

Asís Ariznavarreta Martín

Grandes profesionales, vendieron mi piso en un tiempo corto y de forma sencilla. Lo recomiendo sin duda!


Profesionalidad, implicación y empatia, es lo que hemos recibido en todo el proceso de la venta de nuestro piso. Formáis un gran equipo.

Bea Perez