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Tailor-made real estate services

Singular Properties, as a benchmark in its sector, specialises in luxury properties. Given its extensive experience, it has an extensive portfolio of clients, both nationally and internationally, as well as the most exclusive selection of properties in the city of Barcelona and the Catalan Coast. With a team of highly qualified asset managers and a commitment to technological innovation, we have remained at the forefront of the market in terms of buying, selling and renting properties. Based on a philosophy of results and presenting success stories of more than 1000 properties, we work each property with a micro-segmented investment to position it in an exclusive way. At Singular Properties we understand luxury as a lifestyle. Therefore, the key to our success lies not simply in the service itself, but in how it is carried out. Attention and management characterised by singularity is what gives the company its name, and we always put our clients’ priorities first: maximum speed, legal security and the best price.

“We understand our work as a “Singular” way of dealing with our clients. We believe that experience in the real estate sector and a team of qualified professionals is the basis of good advice when buying a property”.

Jordi Arriezu | CEO

We appraise your property at no additional cost to you. To carry out this evaluation, our team of analysts study the market situation to ensure a solvent and realistic valuation. Another of the procedures that will not entail any additional cost for you is the processing of the Certificate of Occupancy and the Energy Certificate.


We propose a personalised sales strategy to ensure the solution that best suits your needs. We consider each property individually in order to offer you the most successful sales strategy.


We facilitate and speed up promotional activities. Thanks to the global marketing of Singular Properties, we manage to give maximum exposure to your property. We have a wide and diverse portfolio of clients who are waiting to find a property like yours.


We provide plans and renovation projects with digital and 3D images to make your property more attractive to potential clients. In addition, you will not have to worry about any legal formalities. Our legal service is specialised in completing the sale and rental with all the guarantees and maximum security.

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