A real estate agency with the best selection of properties in Barcelona

 “We consider that the experience in the real estate sector and a team of qualified professionals are the base of a good advice before buying a property. Our principal characteristic is our way of working and treating our clients.”

We understand our work as a “Singular” way of treating our clients. We take care of looking for, finding and helping you choosing the most suitable properties for you. In Singular Properties we are characterized by our agility in the transaction of the properties, guaranteeing the minimum of management by the client. We do it with the best possible human treatment.

We take care of the sale and rental of your property, guaranteeing the maximum professionalism and being with you throughout the process. How do we do it?:

We value your property without adding an additional cost to you. To carry out this evaluation, our team of analysts studies the market situation to ensure a solvent and realistic appraisal. The other procedure that will not involve an additional cost for you will be the processing of the certificate of habitability and the energy certificate.

We propose a personalized sales strategy to ensure the solution that best fits to your needs. We consider each property in a particular way to offer you the most successful sales strategy.

We facilitate and expedite the promotion actions. With the global marketing of Singular Properties, we managed to give the maximum diffusion of your property. We have a large and diverse portfolio of clients who are hoping to find a property like yours.

We provide plans and reform projects with digital and 3D pictures to give to your property a more attractive purchase option for potential clients. Besides, you won’t have to worry about any legal procedure. Our legal service is specialized in completing the rental and sale with all guarantees and a maximum security.

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